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gun fire on the campus of morgan statements university. i'm christian schaffer live with details coming up. before morgan there was stemmers run middle. hard lessons about guns in school. >> another clear day across the state but how many more bright sunny days could we be in for? >> i really really believe that doing something daily for my skin has definitely made me look younger. >> makeup for men? why guys want to get all dolled up. we begin with three gun related incidents on school campuses in three weeks. two shootings and a student with gun on another campus. >> now a college campus. all of these since the
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beginning of school year. the. >> the victim was shot inside of the students center. chris you've been following all night. >> tonight students here at morgan state university are free to move around today. the campus has been locked down after the shooting in the student center. still at this hour, police have not found the gunman. >> students tell us the victim had been inside the morgan state student center playing pool. >> we were in the game room a few minutes before it happened. >> reporter: a gun shot on the first floor of the center, beutthe victim -- but the victim collapse here just outside the building. >> i found it was him on the ground and he was bleeding. >> a guy came out holding his left side and reached for the trash can. >> reporter: campus police
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advised students to stay in their room, essentially locking down the school. >> they cleared the building and rendered it safe. >> reporter: investigators don't think the victim or the gunman were students at the school, leading to questions about how easytook be for outsiders to come in and cause -- easy to go be for outsiders to come in and cause trouble. >> in fact, we very often welcome people fromoric from other communities. >> police still have not identified the victim in this shooting and they are still working to identify the gunman. classes tonight were canceled as a precaution, but it will be open as normal tomorrow morning. christian schaffer, abc2news. >> thanks. following the shooting, a group of aspiring journallests
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found themselves in the right place at the right time. here's the video of the s.w.a.t. team heading to the area to assess the situation. ere were some students milling around the area. the group never thought they would find themselves in the middle of crime scene and hands on experience covering a story. >> today there was no preproduction, just get out dollar get what you can get -- get out dollar, get -- get out there, get what you can get. >> you learn stuff in class and material every day hoping you can apply it to the real world and i got to do that today. >> it wasn't until they covered the story that it sank in that there was actually a shooting on a campus. you got to be wondering what's going on.
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let's tell you, august the 27 27th, a 15-year-old student here at parry hall high school shot another student. he just went home on monday and his recovery is going to take months. yesterday we had an eight grader at stammers run middle. he brought a gun to class and pointed it at himself. a teacher was able to get that gun away from him. you heard them say metal detectors would be used if they are suspicious of a student. here's what we want to do right now. we have all the extensive coverage on our web site at you can get the latest on the investigations and the response from schools to keep your students safe. we'll have the latest from morgan state university starting at 430 a.m. as we learn more about the
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case. we have some new information about the shooting inicatens inicatensville. the officer is on administrative leave. a car was reported stolen this morning, an officer saw the car and just took off from the scene. there was a shot at him and police found the suspect lying in the parking lot aticaten high school and he is in shock trauma tonight. the teenager charged in the parry hall high school shooting will be back in court. robert gladden has a bail review hearing scheduled for 9:30 in the morning. we'll find out tomorrow if the situation changes. another great night in baltimore. oh, yeah? let's show you these pictures. great for rolling down the windows and hear the crowd in camden yards a minute ago. will it stay nice? well wyatt everhart has some good news for you,. >> you're always the good guy
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when weather is this good. >> you're a great guy. >> i'll take it. we'll get that first cold blast. anyway, take a look at the temperatures outs there. so comfortable, 72 in the city, refreshing 67 in the apilous, dover at 6 -- in in apilous. 63 in dover. it's clear right now. but a new front is on the move coming out of the northern plains and arriving in the upper midwest back through iowa. this line of showers is likely to impact us. i'm thinking friday afternoon, evening, if we're going to get showers, that's when we'll see them. but in the meantime it doesn't get much better. overnight, great sleeping weather. we'll talk about how things are developing coming up. tonight two people in maryland have now died from the west nile virus. that's two out of 25 reported cases. symptoms resemble the flu but
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most people don't get sick. it is spread by mosquitoes. you should use common sense to avoid bites. avoid standing water and clear out. >> if you do have to go out during dusk and dawn, wear long pants, long sleeves, use a repellent for mosquitoes and then issue come ill, go to your medical provider and let them know about any mosquito bites. >> local health county departments are spraying. crews will be back in mill ford mill tomorrow night. spraying will start after 7:30. if you live in that area, stay inside for a little while to let the chemicals settle. abc2news is working for you tonight with a special section on our web site about west nile including a record of cases in
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each county. to find that information, log on to nile. the only thing missing is a wayne newton act. other than that, marilyn live can now rival other casinos. the prime rib will open in the fall. a 500 seat stage. and it's starting to pay off as far as we're concerned because we, the taxpayers remember. >> i love it. there's so much to do. >> my 30 minutes to get here. >> they're winners, you can tell. in fact 75% of revenue from state comes from that room right there. even if you vote for a new one outside of d.c., maryland live will stay alive when it comes to competition. an american made movie that led to protests or a planned attack to mar the anniversary
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of 9/11. carekaren has more for us tonight. >> reporter: the chaotic firefight went on and off for five hours. in the end four americans were dead including the ambassador to lippia. >> we condemn this outrageous and shocking attack. >> reporter: two militants firing automatic weapons and grenades stormed the american consulate in ben gauzy. it was quickly on fire. at least four americans are believed to have died from smoke inhalation. no one was shot. more than five hours after the attack, the state department could not confirm ambassador stevens where whereabouts.
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>> the president emphasized the attack was carried by a rogue group of militants and it won't change the relationship between the united states and libya. officials believe it was preplanned probably timed to the september 11 anniversary and not linked to an antimuslim film that sparked a protest on tuesday. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. >> reporter: all americans have been evacuated from bengazee. the u.s. is going to track down the attackers. >> neil armstrong, the first man to step on the moon will be memorialized in the national cathedral in washington tomorrow. the last man to work on the moon will speak. armstrong's crew mate michael
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collins will lead prayers and there will be a performance of fly me to the moon. we will cover the ceremony tomorrow evening at five and six. this is a weird time for shopping. should we by shorts now or for next summer. >> you should by if all. >> we're going to tell you the season to start saving on clothing for fall. >> our storm shield app is available. and our abc2news weather app is available in the itunes store. >> a lot of the things out there don't turn your skin orange. >> i am wearing oil free number 4. what are you wearing? makeup for guys when we powder our thoses when we come back -- when we come back in 60 quick lashes.
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how about this one. you can hear all the horns and the people still cheering at camden yards. this game ended just a couple minutes ago. he is the play in the 8th inning that makes the slow roller many muchato. you've got a rundown. you sir are out. what gamer. then bottom of the 9th, many, man -- manny, manny. we bunt him to 2nd. he hits the score board and the orioles win it 3-2 to tampa. they may have lost peter to an injury. >> that was a nail biter. tonight, mcdonald's is making it's menu friendlier for customers who are coun ag
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calories. -- county calories. it is going to be posting calorie information. starting monday they will begin voluntarily posting them on their menus in a effort to educate its customers. it's already required in other cities such as philadelphia. you guys are talking about this on facebook. we asked will seeing the callies of the food you're about --ries of the food you're going to eat change your order at mcdonald's. after months, apple finally revealed the new iphone 5 today. it is the thin and say lightest phone the company has ever made. it is also fast. oh, the processor. its own mapping system. the company had big praise for
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its new product today. >> it is made entirely of glass and aluminum. it's designed to built to an exact standard unlike anything we or anyone in our industry has made before. >> it will be the same price as the 4s it replaces. it will cost you $400 with a new contract. it sounds impressive, but issue buy -- but should you buy it? if you have a 4s, you might want to wait since you'll have to pay a full out of contract price. >> the time between back to school and the holidays isn't normally thought of as prime shopping season. but there are certain tricks you can use to find your own deals. start by signing up for retailers e-mail blasts. it will tell you about special sales or even give you coupon codes. when you hit the mall, head to the back of the stores for the bargains.
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if you don't find what you're looking for in the store, check out the online clearance racks or the store's web site which might be a little easier to navigate. but you can always find the sales, just from personal experience here. there are exploding numbers of products with guys in mind. just don't call it a makeup. charley crowson explains it to us. >> reporter: one look in scott lazar son's bathroom and you would think his wife took over, but this product his. >> i am cleansing my face every day, once a week i'm putting a clay mask. >> reporter: he says these products help him put his best face forward and he's not alone. made for men grooming products are expected to hit $3 billion
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by 2016, up from 2.3 billion this year. men today simply want to look and feel their best. >> you can gain a professional advantage by paying attention to these things. >> reporter: from the drugstores to department stores, beauty brands are taking up shelf space from moisturizers to lip balms and shaving oils. >> there's a ton of things to choose from and i think that's because the desire is there. >> my wife loves that i love skin care products. men are stocking up on things like antishine powders and jells. >> not in the way that women use makeup but they will do something to smooth skin tone, obscure a blemish, get rid of tired eyes in a way that no one will know that you're wearing makeup. >> reporter: bronzer is the top
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seller. >> a lot of the good ones don't turn your skin orange. >> reporter: the beauty is it word that makeup is never used. instead you're going to find masculine names like facial fuel, or even eltronic shave enhancer. >> we're seeing terms like bold or platinum being used. >> reporter: scott says his regimen is nothing to brush about. >> i really really believe that doing something daily for my skin has definitely made me look younger. >> reporter: today you can even find subcription based butte an eservices for men like birchbox. for a monthly fee samples of grooming and lifestyle products are even sent to your door. charley crowson, abc2news. >> let me tell you, if i didn't wear makeup, i would look like
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clint eastwood. men are more [ indiscernible ] than women. it's all about convenience. first time i put on my tv makeup, i was so glad that dad can't see me right now. >> anyway take a look out there right now. we have 63 degrees and the relative humidity has come up but the dewpoint of 56 is still comfortable. still more of this gorgeous, gorgeous weather. bell air made a great finish to the day in hartford county. beautiful sunset here at our lady of perpetual health. and now we're looking at a cool night with temperatures in low 60s. look at the beach at 57 now. the water temperature is still in the mid-to-upper 70s both in chesapeake and along the
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atlantic coast. the water is going to be pleasant this week. moisture levels are dry across the state. comfortable. that's why it feels so good out there and why we cool off so quickly. that lack of humidity allows the air to cool down more quickly. not a cloud in the sky. clear for now, yes, and for the next day or so, but this front has the possibility of showers late in the day on friday. at least a few of them. and then we think this is going to move off shore for saturday and sunday. so the weekend forecast actually is looking improved now. high pressure will hang on for another day or day and a half. here's that frontal boundary. you see that potential for showers in front of it into friday evening. a lot of the rain is going to
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be up into up state new york, so we're going to miss the bulk of it, but we can still see a few showers. no big chill here, just more mild air. so temperatures will not warm up dramatically. the global hawk on the weather -- when the weather is quiet, i like to talk about this stuff like this. here's the pattern in virginia. it did a zigzag up and down through the storm last night and that's when we decided to upgrade this thing from a depression to tropical storm nadine. it's getting close to hurricane strength with winds up to 70 miles an hour. so that weather drone is helping to analyze the storm and saving guys in a c130 from a long flight. it will be interesting to see what happened with nadine.
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tomorrow, 82. 58 tomorrow night and the seven- day, basically looking really good here. we have taken out the chance for showers on saturday. any rain we do see i think is going to come in friday. a pretty good setup for where your travels take you. >> a viewer went to the naval academy for the first time because of a letter. >> a good day. >> beautiful campus. >> she's now enlisted. i don't know how that happened. >> who would you rath have dinner with president barack obama or mitt romney? >> here's a look at what's coming up right after us. >> a militant stormed the u.s. consulate killing the ambassador there. plus why the popular desk toy
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buckie balls may be off the shelves for good. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this?
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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don't know if you're having beer and oysters or a candle light dinner, but if you could have dinner with either president obama or governor romney, who would you choose? the winner according to abc would be president obama in a landslide. 52% would love to have him at their dinner table. we posted this question to you tonight and we still want to
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hear from you. obama or mitt romney. let us know who you prefer. >> we don't have to talk politics. >> just dinner and beer. >> just dinner, maybe a movie, but just dinner. >> take a look at the outlook here. movie time. the wend-looks better. we talk -- the weekend looks better. showers will come friday if they are coming. enjoy what looks to be a sunny and not humid weekend.
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we're still waiting it out? charley crowson and his beautiful life. >> still in the hospital. tomorrow we figured, well here's the outfit that the baby will go home in. >> tomorrow, neal carter has a birthday and so does smily. >> good company. come on. all the do it on the -- lets do it on the 13th. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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